An entire online store full of your brand merch.



Our store platform is built with Shopify making it simple to use ad tools, email campaign functionality and many more retail features.



Our store software creates an environment for innovation and user experience for an optimal store solution.



Many online store competitors claim to have “on-demand” services, but most are merely brokers that hold inventory.



POSER has in-house decoration for embroidery, direct to garment, engraving, dye-sublimation, screen-printing and more.







Some of our competitors claim to decorate products “on-demand” with embroidery or direct to garment tees. Almost none of these competitors has a true on-demand work-flow shipping products in 24-48 hours.

No Minimums
Order 1 item or 1,000 different products
No Inventory
All our products are made to order based on your brand guidelines
Fast Fulfillment
Most orders ship in 2-5 business days

BRAND Stores

There was a time when you needed an entire office devoted to “uniform needs”. So much money sitting in one place! Ugh. And digging through the shirts to find an XL (which you’re pretty sure you’re out of). Ain’t nobody got time for that.


We set up a white label shop with a wide product offering for you. The employee/team member puts in the order for themselves and we drop ship their made-to-order items directly to them. I’ll give you a minute to take that in.


Now let me add a little cream to that coffee. Each month we add seasonal items to your shop. These are the looks and the brands they actually want to wear. With your logo displayed according to your brand guidelines.


Brand Store Options



KnockGear - Portal

Built for direct sales teams - companies with a large independent salesforce. These businesses have high recruiting objectives and a high turnover of new recruits. Services include Onboarding, Starter Kits, and Incentives.


Reward Stores

A business rewards platform created for service-based company’s where building brand loyalty is key: Prospecting, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Free offers with Service, Extended Warrantee Programs, Compensated referrals, Reviews, etc. —> //more engagement//


Killer Merch - Portal

If everyone is a brand: Influencers, YouTubers, Gamers, and Etsy shop owners - they need Killer Merch! Home based entrepreneur’s can jump on the e-commerce train and score a new revenue stream to market themselves shamelessly across the globe.


"I recently began working with POSER on an eCommerce solution, and I have to say, I've been blown away by the experience so far. I'll be sure to update my review once my shop is complete but for anyone who might be thinking about this solution, 5-stars!"
Juliette Marks / Culvers franchise owner



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